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A Next Generation Insulated Concrete Formwork System

UNiBLOCK is a UK manufacturer of an offsite Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) system developed for the construction industry to facilitate the construction of all types of buildings, that can be easily installed, affordable, durable, eco-friendly and result in savings on energy, construction and maintenance costs.


The versatile UNiBLOCK system simplifies your build process, whilst improving lifetime building perfomance.  


Benefits of using the UNiBLOCK Insulated Concrete Formwork System

Developed for the construction industry, UNiBLOCK is an extremely versatile Modern Method of Construction (MMC), that can be used in all sectors of the construction industry: residential, commercial, industrial and institutional.

Build Faster vs traditional
building methods

Low U-Values to contribute

towards PassivHaus

100% Recyclable 

Discover Uniblock

Discover Uniblock

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