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UNiBLOCK Build Process

The UNiBLOCK Insulated Concrete Formwork system is designed to maximise your project performance whilst simplifying the building process.

We manufacture and pre-cut the blocks in our factory and deliver them to you on-site, flat-packed. Built to the exact Architect’s plans, the blocks are numbered before leaving the factory, making it easier to assemble them on-site.

Using UNiBLOCK's Xpress Wall offsite pre-cut system, contractors can avoid costly mistakes and remove certain trades from their critical path, simplifying the overall structural build phase.

1. Install The Base Track

The base is shot-fired into the slab or foundation, keeping the wall plumb during first row placement


2. Setting the First Block Course

Setting out the first course as per the designed plan from UNiBLOCK.  Blocks are numbered for ease of placement


3. Locking the Blocks Together

Each block is locked together with the next adjacent block using simple ties to hold them in place during concrete placement.


4. Doors and Windows are Pre-Framed

As each wall is designed and cut offsite, placement of windows and doors is simplified and any open ends are blocked off pre concrete pour.


5. Concrete Placement

Pump mix concrete is placed using a boom pump, or smaller line pump where practical.


6. Training & Site Support:

We pride ourselves in providing full training on using our system and can tailor this to individual needs, be it in our factory, on site or at any other convenient location. Once everything is in place to begin the build, we will be on hand for first day setup, pre pour checks and any other support that may be needed. We have an experienced team based nationwide that are always on hand to visit site or available via phone and online chat for advice and guidance.


7. Accessories & Support Equipment:

We have everything you need to get your project up and running including base track, corner guides and our Plumwall bracing systems including props and handrails which can be hired for the duration of the build. We can arrange delivery of all support equipment to site to coincide with the initial block delivery, ensuring there are no delays, and you have everything you need to build.

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