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UNiBLOCK vs Other Building Products

The UNiBLOCK Xpress Wall ICF system in is more cost effective than traditional build, based upon a cost per square metre.

The associated labour element cost is reduced dramatically over traditional build construction since the ICF system only requires semi-skilled labour to complete the structural elements. Using the Xpress Wall Pre-Cut system further reduces labour input, with all openings and corners cut in a factory-controlled environment, ensuring accuracy and increasing the speed of build.

With the adequate training a semi-skilled operative can achieve 5-10 metres sq. per man hour which includes set-up time and concrete pour.

In addition, the UNiBLOCK ICF System will reduce the construction program by as much as 66% compared with traditional build method times, saving on site costs as well as labour.

The UNiBLOCK system has further advantages in that the material is available on shorter lead times and can be built in most weather conditions including rain and cold, and therefore less down time is incurred.

Due to the lightweight nature of the formwork, the use of heavy plant is not required for the system and therefore these costs are not necessary, which also saves on skilled operators. The manual handling risk is also significantly lower than traditional building, making work safer for all involved.

Good housekeeping is easier to achieve, since the UNiBLOCK is easy stackable and there is limited waste to consider, keeping each plot tidier and safer to work around.

In relation to other ICF competitors the UNiBLOCK product is the only ICF panel which has a steel-reinforced patented hinge system, which improves the integrity of the panel during placement and filling, as opposed to the more common plastic moulded insert systems.

The UNiBLOCK panel is the largest and strongest ICF product available and can withstand 75kg (1600 lbs/sq. ft.) of lateral pressure during the concrete pour and can achieve a pour height of up to 3m.

There is no limit to constructing with ICF
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