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How UNiBLOCK can help Vulnerable, Disadvantaged and Homeless People

The studies identify that the UNiBLOCK Insulated Concrete Form system in comparison to prices is slightly cheaper than the SIP panel system and or traditional build based upon a cost per sq. ft. and or m2. The associated labour element cost is reduced dramatically over both the traditional build and SIP timber frame construction since the ICF system only require semi-skilled labour. The other construction methods dictate highly paid skilled workers who are very scarce. With the adequate training a semi-skilled operative can achieve 5 m2/per man hour which includes set up time and concrete pour.

The advantages of the UNiBLOCK is the reduction in labour disciplines since there are no related professional and qualified trades required to participate in the assembly of the UNiBLOCK system whereas the SIP and Traditional Build concept is dictated by high cost tradesman.

In addition, the UNiBLOCK System will reduce the construction period as much as 66% of the project programme.

The UNiBLOCK ICF system has further advantages in that the material is available on short lead times and can be built in most weather conditions including rain and frost and therefore less down time is incurred. In addition, due to the UNiBLOCK lightweight form the use of heavy plant is not tailored for the system and therefore costs for heavy plant is not necessary which saves on skilled personnel and costs for the MEWP's.

The UNiBLOCK system creates improved safety since the UNiBLOCKS are light weight and easy to handle, therefore giving less chance of injury on site. The product also endorses good housekeeping since the UNiBLOCK is easy stackable and there is limited waste element which promotes the keeping of the building tidy and clean.

In relation to the ICF competitors the UNiBLOCK product is the only ICF panel which has a steel reinforced patented hinge system for the structural integrity of the ICF panel, as opposed to a plastic moulded insert which render our competitor’s system very weak in comparison. The advantage of this unique system allows the UNiBLOCK panel to be constructed to an optimum size of 2.4m X 0.6m which provide a panel size of 1.44m2.

In comparison to all other ICF panel systems the UNiBLOCK is the largest and strongest ICF product in the world and can withstand 75kg (1600 lbs/sq. ft.) lateral pressure during the concrete pour and can establish a height of 3m during the construction of the concrete pour, as opposed to the 0.6m to 1.2m from our competitors. This particular point identifies that the concrete manufacturers’ preference is the UNiBLOCK system and subsequently the build construction time is reduced dramatically with the adoption of the UNiBLOCK system due to level of concrete pour and the efficiency of the operation since there is no down time.

Solution Impact Benefits

  • Plays a significant role in the reduction of fuel poverty with a property utilising UNiBLOCK the structural walls will deliver UV values of 0.16

  • Due to the structure of the walls the structural performance of the life cycle of the property is greatly enhanced

  • By adopting a structural NVQ lower technically qualified people can gain the skills required to build with the UNIBLOCK system rapidly. A great building method for those less educated to be trained and deliver back into the community whilst generating self-worth.

For more Information, please contact UNiBLOCK.

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